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Where can you purchase Bravecto online at a great price?

Silly dog with stuck headIn case you are unaware, Bravecto for dogs (and cats) is a new(ish) flea and tick medication that only very recently went on sale. Bravecto is a tad different from most flea prevention drugs, as it’s chewable and hence can be administered orally. This is great because it means less mess and less stress!

Bravecto is very similar to Comfortis, because it is chewable and prevent fleas…However, it contains different ingredients,and it does an even better job of keeping fleas away.

There is a big chance that none of what I just mentioned is new to you, and you are mainly here to save some extra cash!

Well, the good news is that I can be of assistance. Like me, you must have previously seen this flea medication for quite a hefty price… at your veterinarian, and most retailers, where it sells for at least $100 for a 6-months’ supply…Absurd!!

Either way, I was always skepticalabout spending that much money.On the other hand, I really love my dog and only want what’s best for it. Then it struck me to go hunting and scout for a better place where I could get this flea medication at a decent price.

I’m always in awe and indebted to other online shoppers that take their time to find and share great deals with other shoppers… therefore I decided it would be great to take some time to write about my own experience buying Bravecto and at least help someone else save some more money.

I will give a full account of my experience below, however, if you are in a rush, you can simply get to saving more cash by clicking on the link to the right (or below) and you will be directed to the Bravecto page at Oasis Pets (that is where I get it!).

Huge savings on Bravecto for dogs and cats!

So where can you buy Bravecto chewables at the best price?

I must confess that it wasn’t easy, but eventually, I discovered an online store that sold their products at fantastic prices (as I had earlier stated that6-month supply of Bravectowas on sale for around $61.50), where other websites sold 3-month supply at the same price.

The customer service also blew my mind away,and their shipping fees were pretty affordable too (around $2.99 worldwide, I can’t vouch for that price at the moment,but I know it’s close).

For over 12 months now, Oasis Pets has been my number one online shop for all things pet products and I don’t plan on ending our new-found ‘shopmance’ anytime soon.


This smart corgi likes to save money!So how was my experience purchasing from them?

Well, after a year of dealing with them, I can confidently say that their services have been “great.”

Before I could eventually trust them (Oasis Pets), I had to verify and scrutinize every single thing about them to find out if I wasbeing played or not (this is something I always do when I find a new shopping website with great deals).

I eventually discovered that their products were legit. Although at first you may be perplexed as to why they show dog weights in “kg” rather than “lbs”. Well, this is because most of their products are sold by suppliers from Australia and the UK, where the weight system happens to be very different from the US. But I have been informed that the actual product is the same.

Their website is also extremely easy to navigate,and I liked that it was also very easy to contact them. I also discovered that their shipping and return policies were also very explained and detailed. They also offer a money-back guarantee on all their unopened products.

Their shipping policy is also very informative,and they clearly state that all orders are delivered within 8-14 business days (which is excellent, considering how much money you will end up saving). Although I have found that most of my orders arrive 10 business days later, In excellent condition. I have since always received my orders via USPS, which has been great so far.



I can confidently say that I have ran into zero problems with my current vendor when buying any sort of medication for my dog online. As earlier mentioned, I will continue to buy all my medications from Oasis Pets until I see a reason not to…their product and shipping prices are just unbeatable!

Now to the actual drug…

Bravecto for dogs is a great (although pricey) tick and flea treatment. Whether I would be open to paying over $100 that my local vet sells it for? I highly doubt…

But the sure thing is that I am more than willing to buy it at a much-reduced price. Bravectochewables are extremely easy to administer, and it has worked superbly for as long as I have been using it.

Huge savings on Bravecto for dogs and cats!