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I Purchased Trifexis Online Cheap – $73.95/6 Months – Here’s My Review…

Not that long ago, I was looking to buy trifexis online, in order to lower my costs….I don’t know if you noticed, but Trifexis for dogs is really expensive!!


After searching around the internet and price shopping both online and offline stores, I finally found a site that had good feedback and great pricing on Trifexis! The etailer that I ended up purchasing from is Best Deal Pet Supply.


I’ve always appreciated it when other people have taken the time to write a review about their buying experiences online, so the rest of this webpage will be an accounting of my 1st purchase from the company (I’ve been happily using them for over 2 years now).

If you aren’t in the mood to read my whole review, and just want to get to the website to purchase Elanco Trifexis, just go ahead and click the link over to the right, or at the bottom of the page.

If you want to hear about my experience, then enjoy the rest of the article!

Buy Trifexis for Dogs Online – My Review

Picture of my sleeping BeagleAs I already mentioned, I always try to do my due diligence when buying from a company online that I haven’t previously bought from before….especially when we’re talking about purchasing medication for a loved pet!

But I knew I had to find somewhere that sells Trifexis for dogs for a better price then what my local vet charges….the price at my vet (and other notable online vendors) was close to $100/month for a half a year’s supply…that’s crazy!

Lots of Choices…Who is the Best?

During the search, I happened across Best Deal Pet Supply and found I could purchase Trifexis online for much less money, even without a script from a vet….On that note, I’ve got to say that I don’t understand the reason that a heart worm exam is required every year, if you’ve kept your pet on their meds continuously….but I digress…..


To get to my point: I feel completely comfortable having my dog take a common medication without a script. This means more money saved!


Having never ever heard of them before I wished to be mindful prior to buying. There was not a ton of feedback to be found, but what I did discover was mostly good, which is excellent considering that a majority of people take the time to write a review only when they’re disappointed in an item or provided service.


It was also important to me that the company provided excellent customer service, just in case a scenario came up where there were problems with shipping or if there were any questions that I had. After all, they operate out of Australia, which isn’t exactly across the street! (Quick note: Correspondence with the company is achieved via email, (no phone – which I find understandable), which didn’t bother me as long responses come in a reasonable amount of time).

All emails I sent to them were promptly answered, which scored big points in my mind!

Time to Make the Purchase!

Photo of Trifexis I bought onlineAfter deciding to place an order, the procedure went perfectly. They accept Visa/MC/Amex for paying, which fits me just fine, considering that I obtain the customer protection that a credit card provides when you use it as a payment option. The order came a great deal faster compared to what  I was expecting…it arrived in just over a week. The Trifexis (key ingredient: spinosad) product packaging was safe and secured, yet very easy to open up with a tab that you simply pull.


The first thing I did once opening up the package was to check the product expiration date, since that was the one thing that concerned me about placing this order. This turned out not to a problem whatsoever, as the the pills expiration was actually 2 years out!

Since this initial order, I have bought more products through them, and feel great about using them to get Trifexis online for dogs as well as cats, in addition to other products. The entire process was smooth and the cost savings have been huge.I feel extremely confident in recommending them to any person desiring to conserve money when ordering pet meds…..Give them a try!

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