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Why Do Flea Meds Have to Cost So Much??

We love our pets, and because of this, we want to make sure they have the best! The best food, the best toys…even the best flea medications!

The problem is, the best medications (aka – the ones that actually WORK) can be very expensive. Popular flea medications like Comfortis and Trifexis can cost anywhere from $85 – $100+ dollars just for a 6 month supply! And the larger your pet, the more the medications cost! It can add up quickly….

Fortunately, that's where this website comes in! Like you, we care about our pets and want them to have the very best…we just don't think that you should have to take a second mortgage on your house, just to pay for your pet's flea medication!

After hours of scouring my local stores, as well all of the online stores, I'm going to show you where I purchase my pet's flea meds at very affordable prices….much lower than your local veterinarian, or even popular websites like 800petmeds!

If you're looking to buy comfortis or buy trifexis (among other medications), we've found some good deals that will definitely save you some money. You won't even need a comfortis coupon or trifexis coupon to get the best price.

So look through the website for your medication of choice, and I'll share where the best place is to get the genuine product at the lowest possible price. Enjoy the savings!!!

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